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We are proud to partner with Hy.Giene Australia to off premium hygiene and cleaning products to suit any application.
This coupled with our access to market leading dispensing equipment we can equip our clients with the products, hardware and expertise to ensure all hygiene and cleaning requirements are exceeded as we forge ahead into a new era of hospitality.

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Our goal is to rationalise the chemicals used by any and every clients to reduce the impact on the environment.


The Hy.Giene Australia range of cleaning products are used worldwide in applications that require exacting standards of cleanliness and hygiene. From salons and spas through health settings to five star restaurants, our products provide superior results with far less harmful formulations.

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You can purchase a full range of Hy.Giene products

Developed to provide our clients with an in-depth review of their requirements, rationalising the quantity of cleaning products they need, often reducing their inventory, improving their staff productivity and most importantly, reducing our client’s cleaning budgets.